Inspired by Wes Bos and his site, this is a list of hardware, software and other stuff I use in my work and day-to-day.


  • My main computer is a 2017 13" MacBook Pro (i7, 16 GB RAM, 500GB SSD).

Screenshot of my laptop specs

  • At work, I also use a Dell Latitude 7490 with Windows 10.
  • I use a Nexstand travel laptop stand, Apple Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad at home as well as when travelling. The Nexstand is far from high-end, but it only cost me about $30 and has been a significant improvement to my desk ergonomics.
  • At home, I have a 28" AOC 4k monitor. I picked it up second-hand from a previous job, and it's quite a few years old now. I've been pondering an upgrade, but hey it still works!
  • My phone is an iPhone XR. Nothing much to say here. It's over a year old and the battery is still going strong.
  • Finally, the Apple AirPods Pro. I don't know how I could live without these before. The experience is so much more seamless compared to any other wireless earbuds/headset I've tried. I also have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM3's for when I need to concentrate at the office and for air travel.

Coding Environment & Tools

  • My preferred editor is Visual Studio Code. I haven't really tried anything else too seriously but haven't felt the need either.
  • My current theme is Synthwave '84 and I've used Cobalt2 as well.
  • For my terminal emulator, I recently switched from iTerm2 to Hyper. I use the zsh shell with Oh My Zsh and the Powerlevel10k theme.
  • I use Magnet to arrange my windows.

Other software

  • Notion is my (almost) all-in-one organiser, notebook and knowledge management system. I use it to keep track of habits, goals, books to read, projects, tasks and more. My system is based on the PARA method developed by Tiago Forte and adapted to fit my needs.
  • If I find an interesting article on the web, I will normally save it to Instapaper for reading when I have time. If it's worth keeping around for later reference, I find a place for it in Notion.
  • Amphetamine is a neat little utility to keep my screens awake and prevent the system from sleeping.

Tech Stack

  • When coding, I mostly work with JavaScript - Node, React and Gatsby. I have also dabbled in Python (Flask, Django). It was the CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript course that first got me really excited about web development in 2018.
  • At work, I look after a large Microsoft Azure environment and rely heavily on PowerShell, ARM Templates and Terraform.

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